Get Up and Vote is a song rich in vocal harmonies and lush guitars. Why did we write this song? Because Election Day was around the corner and it was easy to get anxious. Instead, we listened to this song, moved to it, loosened up, and sung it out loud! Then, we got up, got out, and voted. Hope it helps others to vote as well. It’s so important. Our democracy hangs in the balance.

Get Up and Vote!





Indigo Bliss is a song dedicated to Hayden Meyer who died in an accident at the age of 24. Hayden was an extraordinary young man whose path was, in a word, heart. He exuded joyfulness, and at the same time was present with his family and his many friends. He heard us. He saw us May we learn from his wisdom.

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“Sounds great!”
~ Robert Bach,
Chief Operations Officer, CD Baby

“Perfectly enjoyable.”

~ Willy, Ava Roasteria

Beaverton, Oregon


“I dig the overall vibe… I especially like Sparky and Now That We Know.”
~ Joel Chernick, music consultant, about Jessie Rae’s album Blue Funk


Jessie Rae’s music has been described as roots pop with a blues edge and “cool funky folk“. The music displays flairs of blues, pop, rock and reggae, and can also sound mellow and acoustic incorporating elements of jazz and folk.

This is original music from a talented singer-songwriter that will leave you wanting to hear more. Jessie Rae is available to play short sets or long shows in a solo, singer/songwriter setting performing songs with a pop sensibility, or in a crowded café with a 3-piece ensemble performing rootsy, blues music complete with acoustic slide guitar, rich vocal harmonies, and percussive rhythms. This music reaches across age differences pleasing a range of people young and old.

Listen to the female vocals of independent songwriter Joan M. Meyer, the expressive guitar fills of Lauren G. Semler. Check out the funky grooves of Kipp Crawford on the Out of the Blue album.

This versatile band can play just about anywhere. Check out where they will be performing and come see the band live!



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